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The Science of Eliminating Pet Stains and Odors Naturally

Dr. Shawn Seitz

With over 35 years of veterinary and animal care industry experience, Shawn Seitz, DVM, has been developing OdorPet’s existing line of environmentally sensitive, industrial strength stain and odor removing products for veterinary hospitals and large kennel franchises. Headquartered at the labs, Dr. Seitz’s goal is to create the best, most earth friendly and easiest to use pet odor and stain eliminators for the harshest conditions possible, and then make them available for the pet owner.

Assembling a team of scientists and researchers, Dr. Seitz has created the best of both worlds: A world class lineup of pet stain and odor removers for every aspect of an animal’s habitat (including dog baths and laundry) and the safest designer chemicals that science and mother nature have to offer. Solutions that are USDA bio preferred, FDA GRAS (generally recognized as safe), free of sulfates, phosphates and synthetic perfumes or dyes. Some products are even made of food edible ingredients, are 100% bio-renewable and, after enacted, turn into nothing but CO2 and water.

“We don’t skimp on anything. Whether it be in our research lab, our science process, our search for the perfect chemistry or on the production side,” says Dr. Seitz. “No one can compare to our pet stain and odor removers. We pack every one with an abundance of the purest, most environmentally friendly ingredients, pay attention to neutral pH for the safety of your family and home, and keep away the harsh chemicals from your pets and children. Oh, and our products work. They just work! I guarantee it.”

Another benefit from our Made in the USA research arm is that all our pet stain and odor eliminators are easy to use, work on multi-surfaces, are quick acting (some instantaneously) and, of course, safe for humans, pets, clothing and fabrics.

Watch this video from our laboratory mothership, Alpha Tech Pet, where the magic and research happens. If OdorPet pet stain and odor removers are good enough for the biggest animal franchises and veterinary facilities, just think about what it can do for your home.

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