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Why Eco-friendly Pet Products Are Increasing in Popularity

Why Eco-friendly Pet Products Are Increasing in Popularity

People love their pets. That’s nothing new; as a society, we’ve been obsessed with our cute and fuzzy (and sometimes not-so-fuzzy) animal companions for literally thousands of years. What is new, however, is how our views toward the health and safety of our pets have changed — and how the pet product industry has evolved as well. In fact, environmentally friendly pet products are all the rage today, and this trend shows no signs of losing steam anytime soon. Here’s why eco-friendly pet products have become so popular.

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Origins of Eco-friendly Pet Products

The rise of eco-friendly pet products is a natural offshoot of how we’ve been treating our pets for years. While decades ago, we might have been content to feed a family dog generic, canned mush or even table scraps, we’ve learned much more about veterinary science and pet nutrition. We’ve learned what we need to feed our pets to keep them healthy for longer. And since we’ve become dedicated to putting health-conscious things inside our animal companions, it’s only natural that we’ve grown to want the other pet products we use to do the same thing on the outside.

Protecting the Environment

Cleaning products intended for keeping a residential home or a commercial office clean can often have bleach, ammonia, or other harsh chemicals in them, as it’s these chemicals that have detergent or disinfectant action. Yet disposing of these cleaning products after use has led to concerns about the damage chemicals are doing to the environment, and eco-friendly alternatives have been developed as a result. First it began with general cleansers, but now there are environmentally friendly dog products or other pet products, made from the same or similar eco-friendly cleansers, that make keeping your home or animal facility clean as well as safe. In fact, many of these products might even clean better than those with ingredients that might damage the environment!

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Protecting the Animals

Keeping our animal friends safe and healthy is always a priority. It’s only natural that we’ve evolved our understanding of cleaning products according to animal physiology, especially since dogs, cats, and other animals we commonly keep as pets can be much more sensitive or susceptible to cleaning products than we are. You wouldn’t feed your dog chocolate, after all, so why would you use a cleaner that leaves a residue behind which might make them sick?

The Future of Environmentally Friendly Pet Products

When it comes to the future of pet-friendly cleaning products, the sky is absolutely the limit. New research into the most effective cleaning and sanitizing solutions that are both environmentally friendly as well as pet friendly is ongoing, driven by healthy demand for better products that we can all feel good about using in our daily lives. Considering we’re not about to stop caring for our pets but, instead, care about them more deeply every day, this trend is likely to continue unabated going forward — and that’s good news indeed for anyone who wants the best for their pet!

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