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The Mystery Behind that Infamous Wet Dog Smell

The Mystery Behind that Infamous Wet Dog Smell

Petting your furry best friend can be one of the most calming experiences. There is something incredibly stress relieving about running your hands along your dog’s coat. Just the simple motion of massaging his chest will do wonders for both you and your pup. It is for this reason that animals are often used in the therapy industry, as scientists believe that feel-good hormones are released when we bond with our pets, lowering our stress levels and promoting a feeling of relaxation.

Snuggling up to your best friend can be something that you look forward to at the end of a long, grueling workday, however; that stress-relief goes right out the window when you realize that your pup smells downright dirty, even though you bathed him just last week.

Soap, Water & Bacteria

dog in bath

It’s in your best interest to put a dog grooming or bathing routine into place if you want to keep that bond going strong. Sounds easy enough, right?

Unfortunately, navigating your way through the countless dog shampoos available at your local pet store or dog groomer can be downright daunting. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right one, and it has far more to do with science than you might think.

Scientists have discovered that probiotics have a lot to do with your dog’s health. One great way to use probiotics is to add that element to shampoo, improving the bacteria balance in the digestive system. That, in turn, leads to a better smelling dog.

The Connection Between Probiotic Shampoo and a Healthy Dog

According to Dr. Shawn Seitz, veterinarian and founder of Alpha Tech Pet animal care products and cleaning supplies, it is critical to provide your dog access to beneficial bacteria. Just like humans, dogs do better when they have a sense of balance in their system.

On a mission to create a pet shampoo to moderate and prevent “wet dog odor” Seitz zeroed in on the crucial relationship between probiotics and a healthy, fresh-smelling coat. The result is PetSuds, an all-natural dog shampoo that provides probiotics while promoting healthy skin and digestive health.

“The microbial consortium used in PetSuds also works directly on the outside of the dog,” Seitz explains. “As dogs lick and groom themselves, they ingest beneficial microbes, contributing to a healthier gut, improving the dog's immune system.”

dog licking probiotics

When PetSuds is used regularly, intestinal microbes that are good for your pet are maintained, reducing the population of harmful germs that contribute to poor health and unappealing smells. Designed with six million colony-forming units per milliliter of shampoo, PetSuds is a premium dog shampoo that naturally heals rough, flaky, oily, or irritated skin. This specially designed mix of natural ingredients increases antibodies, protecting your pet from a variety of different germs that can result in illness and odor.

Diane Miller, Owner of Preppy Pets, a doggie daycare and pet boarding facility, tested many approaches to the problem before finally discovering PetSuds.

“We have tried several different shampoos on dogs with skin issues, and PetSuds is, by far, the best we’ve ever used,” says Miller.

Digestive Balance for All Dogs

Having a fresh-smelling coat is just one of the many perks of digestive balance. Here are some other reasons why probiotics are essential for all dogs:

  • Reduction of harmful germs
  • Better immunity
  • Healthier coats
  • Less flaking and itching
  • Less skin irritation

The Science of Dog Shampoo

Whether at home or at a dog grooming facility, it’s easy to find a shampoo that smells good. It’s even more important to find one that is formulated with ingredients that will benefit your dog on all levels. It’s all about the right combination and getting to the source of the issue when it comes to finding a solution for your pet’s health and wellness.

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