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The Best Pet Odor Remover on the Market

The Best Pet Odor Remover on the Market

Unwanted odor is a recurring problem among pet owners. Many pets can’t help but have the occasional accident, leaving indoor spaces with foul odors. No matter how much cleaning a person does, some smells prove hard to eliminate completely, which can cause pet owners a lot of stress.

Fortunately, professional-grade pet cleaning products made for eliminating even the foulest odors on any surface are no longer just for vets and groomers. Private residences can now also enjoy the stench-busting powers of OdorPet’s top-quality cleaning products.

OdorPet is a successful Alpha Tech Pet product heavily vouched for by countless professionals in the animal care industry. Regardless of how severe the pet odor is in your home or how long you’ve been trying to mitigate this problem, there will always be an Alpha Tech Pet product that fits the bill!

What Makes OdorPet Different From Other Products?


The market is overflowing with products that promise to neutralize unpleasant pet odors, but we’re confident that OdorPet is different. For one, OdorPet is made by Alpha Tech Pet — a name known for its superior, environmentally friendly solutions for animal care.

Since 1989, Alpha Tech Pet has been creating various groundbreaking products to make the lives of pet owners easier, with OdorPet being just one of them. Alpha Tech Pet has decades of experience researching and developing top-grade cleaning equipment for use in the professional animal care industry, ensuring that OdorPet products are superior to its competitors.

Alpha Tech Pet has spent years perfecting the formula behind OdorPet to ensure that pet owners can finally enjoy a completely odor-free space, regardless of the number of pets they have. Unlike other products in the market, OdorPet has the following features:

  • Effectively removes pet dander allergens
  • Has a non-bleaching and non-staining formula
  • Uses a bioactive formulation to guarantee immediate and long-term action
  • Uses a proprietary solution that captures odors and permanently eliminates them

Start Using OdorPet Today!


Buying and testing out many different cleaning products for removing pet odor only to realize none of them work is very frustrating. How can you invite guests over if the smell of urine permeates in the air of your home? How can you start your day in a good mood if all you can smell is foul pet odor in your house?

Make your home smell fresh again by switching to OdorPet today! This line of eco-friendly pet products can effectively deep clean every surface of your home (carpets included) and ensure that pet odor is permanently eliminated in no time!

For questions and more information email or call Karen Wells at (1-800-222-5537).

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