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Properties of a Good Pet Stain and Odor Remover

Properties of a Good Pet Stain and Odor Remover

It’s so important to keep our areas clean and disinfected, but with so many products competing for your business, it can be hard to separate what’s good and effective versus what’s not. Every good industrial pet odor remover will feature a few key properties that, once you know what to look for, will help you eliminate the products that can’t stand up to the test. The same thing is true for good pet stain carpet cleaners. For both problems, you need to find something tough but gentle, that can help destroy the problem instead of just covering it up temporarily.

Gentle products are just as important as tough products that can actually get the job done. We all know how important it is to find products that help destroy dangerous germs, which helps prevent viruses and illnesses from spreading. But, many products that can accomplish those goals can also contain harsh chemicals that are hard for humans and pets to breathe in for too long. That’s why every good pet stain remover and odor remover will be both tough and gentle.

What Makes The Best Pet Stain and Odor Remover?

OdorPet Concentrate

When looking for the best pet stain carpet cleaners and industrial pet odor removers, make sure you look for something that works on messes both big and small. OdorPet concentrate is one of those products that you can use with a professional cleaning machine or sprayer, that will eliminate pet odors and messes.

Not all pet stain and odor eliminators have the same properties or use the same technology. OdorPet actually attacks the urine enzymes left behind in messes using bio-enzymes that break the debris down into CO2 and water, destroying them from the inside out. That’s how it’s able to destroy both smells and stains, from all types of surfaces thanks to its near-neutral pH level.

You may not think much about pH levels in your cleaners, but that can be the difference between protecting your furniture and surfaces or damaging them permanently. Neutral pH in these pet odor removers allows you to clean a multitude of surfaces without causing any long term damage or destruction to your belongings.

Here’s How Good Pet Stain and Odor Removers Work

Just like with air fresheners, many cleaners and disinfectants don’t actually destroy the stain or the odor at the source, so in reality, these products are just covering up the problem. That’s why you need a strong enough industrial pet odor remover and pet stain carpet cleaner that can get down below the surface and destroy the problem where it starts. Microbial biologic products, like OdorPet concentrate use microorganisms that literally get inside the source of the smell or stain and destroy it from the inside. These products use naturally-occuring bacteria to eat away at the pet stain or lingering odor until it’s gone for good. It also leaves behind a nice, fresh scent, instead of a toxic, chemical odor. We don’t want to breathe in those chemicals and we don’t want our pets breathing them in, either. That’s why you want to look for organic products that are gentle but tough at removing pet odors and stains, without leaving behind a potent aroma that you can’t breathe in comfortably.

How to Spot The Best Pet Stain and Odor Remover


Killing bacteria and viruses and cleaning surfaces is extremely important, but it doesn’t require toxic chemicals that leave behind foul odors to get the job done. The best pet stain carpet cleaners and industrial pet odor removers are also organic, biodegradable, and safe for animals and humans to be around. The best pet stain carpet cleaners and industrial pet odor removers will also leave behind a fresh, light scent, instead of an intense, burning smell that lingers for hours. We don’t want to breathe in those fumes, and we definitely don’t want the animals exposed to them, either. That’s why the best pet stain removers and odor eliminators also leave behind their own, fresh odor, without damaging the surfaces they touch. That’s why looking for a product that also offers a neutral or near-neutral pH balance is also extremely important. The pH balance is important in preventing damage to surfaces, whether they’re soft, hard, or porous. Neutral pH balance will help you avoid any long-term damage to your surfaces while still allowing the stain or odor to disappear.

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