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Pets vs. Zombies: The War on Odor and Stains

Pets vs. Zombies: The War on Odor and Stains

Nothing like puppy dog eyes, kitten cuteness, or a wise smile from your best friend who wants nothing more than to please you. For those of us who live and work with animals, it's a privilege finding out what they have in mind as the best way to spend a day or even a minute or two.

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But we also know the "Rut, Roh!" expression (made famous by Astro of "The Jetsons") telling us there's been an accident somewhere. Neither you nor your pet are going to feel better until it's cleaned up, with evidence removed, like it never happened.

That’s where the battle lines are drawn. Animal Care Facility workers and pet owners alike begin the reconnaissance mission of hunting down the perfect pet cleaner or pet odor and stain eliminator. Often they end up only purchasing a temporary fragrance fix, while moving floor mats over pet stains when no one is looking. Fortunately, science and nature have now combined forces to provide the perfect solution to win this conflict in the home or office.

Enlisting a Microbial Army

Your secret weapon is not chemical warfare but just the opposite: safe, organic, bio-enzymes that, given the right formula, completely eliminate the battleground for animal odors and associated stains, especially for cats and dogs.

That’s the basis of OdorPet®, created by Dr. Shawn Seitz of Alpha Tech Pet animal care products, which uses a three-step process to win the war on stains and odors. As a veterinarian, Seitz knows the problem only too well – and was motivated to understand it at the scientific level in order to find the best solution.

The organic components found in OdorPet®, explains Seitz, encapsulate the underlying odor-producing layers, preparing them to be acted on by special strains of microbial components which then clean and break down the organic debris into nothing more than CO2 and water. But that’s not the end of it. “Once the organic debris has been consumed,” says Seitz, “the microbial components then go back into a spore form, waiting until more organic debris becomes available to start the process all over again.”

Sounds more like science fiction than science, right? Put in simpler terms, the bio-enzymatic microbes eat whatever is causing stains or odors, cleaning while turning the unwanted elements into carbon dioxide and water, so they no longer exist. Dr. Seitz adds that bio-enzymatic products like OdorPet® are certified as green and safe for the environment, thus, a better weapon than typically available chemical cleaners.


CleanLink, a trade journal that tracks the latest trends in the wholesale cleaning products industry, has a two-fold definition for bio-enzymatic cleaners: “1. Bio-enzymatic cleaners contain specific quantities and qualities of bacteria along with enzymes and microbial nutrients that essentially digest chemical and organic waste (soils). 2. An enzyme is a type of protein that can break up complex molecules into smaller pieces.”

Cleanlink adds that odor-causing bacteria are "food" for micro-organisms and, in many cases, bio-enzymatic cleaners can provide immediate odor relief. The breakthrough from this organic approach to this common problem is a relief to many in the animal care industry. Even longtime pros like John Whittaker, founder of Canine Protection International, who spent the last 30 years becoming a world leader in training protection dogs, agrees.

“We tried every product under the sun,” says Whittaker. “Then we came to Alpha Tech Pet and our search was over. Their KennelSol® and OdorPet® have changed our kennel. The odor is so dramatically improved that it’s really unbelievable. We now have happy dogs without any chemical irritation whatsoever. When these guys say it works and it’s safe, it really is. Bank on it.”

Getting Bacteria Fighting For Everyone

Bio-enzymatic products are providing a long overdue cleaning solution that is safe and effective for use on cages, floors, drains, counter tops, and even towels and scrubs. Animal debris is part of everyday life with cats, dogs and all animals and it has a tendency to accumulate in areas you would never imagine in your home or pet facility. Trash receptacles, rubber flooring, fencing, and walls are some of the many places that pet waste may run rampant.

Michael Seid, founder of New England Pomeranian Rescue, thinks the fight can be over. “We used OdorPet® when one of my dogs stained our upstairs carpet,” says Seid. “I sprayed the spots and the stain was removed immediately. No scrubbing. It just disappeared with the first wipe. I was impressed!”

“To the Victor Belong the Spoils”

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Senator William L. Marcy, referring to the victory of Andrew Jackson in the election of 1828, coined that phrase meaning: with victory comes the goods or benefits taken from the loser of a competition or military conflict. Your spoils are a fresh smelling and clean environment that will stay that way forever. Or, at least, until the next war is waged on behalf of our furry friends.

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