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How to Remove Cat Stains and Odor Easily

How to Remove Cat Stains and Odor Easily

In an ideal setting, cats are supposed to pee inside their litter boxes. Most cat owners know that this is not always the case. Sometimes, cats urinate outside the litter box, making it difficult to clean up after them. They leave nasty stains on our rugs, furniture, and clothing. Then, they’re drawn to the smell of old pee, bringing them back to the same spot to urinate.

To put a stop to this habit the areas with cat stains need to be cleaned thoroughly and permanently. However, it takes more than simply blotting the surfaces with a paper towel. If there’s a trace of cat urine left, your feline friends will only end up going back to the same area to do the same thing.

Why Does Cat Urine Smell?

cat litter box smell

We don’t usually notice cat urine outside the litter box until it has become an annoying problem. When cats pee on surfaces, the bacterium in the urine decomposes, giving off the distinctive, ammonia-like smell. Then, the urine releases mercaptans, the foul-smelling gas that is also responsible for the same way skunks smell.

With unneutered male cats, their strong hormones are eliminated together with their urine. The testosterone in their pee sends a signal to female cats and drives away other males. And older cats begin to lose their kidney function and tend to smell even worst.

Why Do Cats Urinate Outside Their Litter Box?

angry cat

Contrary to popular belief, cats don’t pee on our surfaces to get back at us. Cats do not have the same cognitive ability as humans to exact that kind of revenge. Their reasons for peeing outside their litter box can range from health to behavioral issues.

Some cats urinate outside the litter box due to arthritis. Other cats may simply have a urinary tract infection, diabetes, or kidney disease. For those with behavioral issues, they can sometimes be resolved by having more than just one litter box or moving the litter box occasionally from one spot to another to remind our cats where to urinate.

How Do You Remove Cat Stains and Odors?

Most cat owners make the same mistake of not cleaning cat stains thoroughly. Once the urine sets in and dries, it’s hard to get rid of the odor.

odorpet cat stain remover

The following are popular products that may neutralize the smell of cat pee:

  • Vinegar and baking soda
  • Enzyme-based products
  • Ammonia-free cleaners

There are some solutions, however, that are specifically formulated for pet urine, such as this cat pee remover. The organic OdorPet stain and odor remover spray is ready to use on any surface, fabric, or material. Our powerful bio-enzymatic, veterinarian formula quickly breaks down stains and odor-causing compounds. All you have to do is spray and walk away!

Targeted Cleaning Works Best

Cats pee outside their litter boxes for several reasons and getting rid of cat stains and odor can be tough. Luckily, there are reliable household products and special formulas like our OdorPet cat pee remover. It’s always best to aim for targeted cleaning when removing the smell. If the smell is no longer distinguishable, then our feline friends won’t remember where they peed, thus putting a stop to the habit.

Visit OdorPet today to rid your home of pet stains and odors!

For questions and more information email or call Karen Wells at (1-800-222-5537).

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