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How To Choose The Best Pet Odor Eliminator

How To Choose The Best Pet Odor Eliminator

Our fur babies can bring us joy and help us relieve our stress. But these lovable pets’ unique odors can also be a source of stress. That is why an effective odor eliminator is a must-have for every pet parent. Check out the following article to know how to choose the best pet odor eliminator and keep your home fresh and your family healthy.

Why Pet Odors Stink

smelly puppy

Even if you train your pet to go to the bathroom outside of your home, accidents happen. Urine odors may stink and stay, especially if they’re not cleaned well and quickly. Sometimes, your pet may experience problems, like urinary tract infections and anal gland issues, causing an unpleasant odor. And, of course, our fur babies also release natural odors from their bodies. That’s why it’s best to have a safe pet odor eliminator ready.

Pet Odor Eliminator Is the Key

If you want to put an end to your pet odor problems, pet odor eliminators are the key! Safe pet odor eliminators make the smell disappear without the risk of harmful chemicals. Enzymatic pet odor removers also target stains aside from odor. Pet odor eliminators effective for carpets should neutralize the smell, discouraging our pets to go to the same spot or walk on the surface and lick it. Different odor eliminators include sprays, candles, oils, and atomizers.

How to Choose the Best Pet Odor Eliminator

Deciding to use a pet odor eliminator is one thing; choosing the best pet odor eliminator is another. To help you pick the best pet odor eliminator, we have listed the top things to consider when purchasing one.

Uses Safe Ingredients

Prioritize your pet’s health and safety when choosing the best pet odor eliminator. So, use one that is free from formaldehyde, phenols, isopropyl alcohol, and bleach.

Undergoes Testing

Pet parents are encouraged to use products registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. Those with safer choice labels should be less harmful. Some items contain proof of testing from their product labels. Other products satisfy the standards of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s BioPreferred program.

Easy to Use

Now you won’t need to use heavy shampoo machines to remove pet odors in your carpet. Your adorable pets must not inhale unnecessary and harmful scents while walking on wet and chemically treated spots in your home. Get a pet odor remover that does the job effectively, promptly, and safely.


As pet owners, we want to eliminate unwanted odor in our home while keeping the environment safe. Use pet odor eliminators that are plant-based and contain natural extracts.

Does Not Discolor

The best pet odor eliminator allows you to use it on different fabrics without any risk of discoloration. Harsh chemicals are often the cause of this problem. So, make sure the product is free from these harmful chemicals to protect your pets.

Effective on Different Surfaces

An effective pet odor eliminator allows you to spray it on different surfaces and areas. These include carpets, furniture, linoleum, hardwood floors, and ceramic flooring.

Has Excellent Reviews

We only want the best for our pets, so we should use products with good reviews. Check out what people are saying about the pet odor eliminator. Reading reviews can help you decide which product suits your needs.

OdorPet: The Best Stain and Odor Eliminator Spray

OdorPet pet odor and stain remover

As pet parents, we want to use a pet odor eliminator that permanently removes odors and stains. OdorPet Spray does just that. It is an organic odor eliminator, stain remover, and cleaner that you can easily use on all surfaces in your home and on different fabrics.

This pet odor eliminator ensures safety with its bio-enzymatic, veterinarian formula, making it easy to break down compounds that cause stains and odors. They turn into a colorless and odorless solution of carbon dioxide and water.

As we have mentioned, the best pet odor eliminator should be environmentally-friendly and effective on all surfaces. OdorPet’s spray is biodegradable and perfect on any surface or area—be it carpet, metal, wood, or plastic.

This pet odor eliminator is also easy to use. Simply spray, and the eliminator will do all the work for you! With only two ounces of diluted solution, it can already break down a gallon of pet urine. The product has a non-bleaching formula and contains neutral pH to keep your pet and the rest of the family safe.

Say Goodbye to Your Pet Odor Problems!

Every pet owner indeed needs a pet odor eliminator to keep your fur babies and your home fresh. While you’re at it, choose the best pet odor eliminator spray, OdorPet!
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