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How I Instantly Eliminated Our Dog and Cat Urine Odor While Helping Our Planet

How I Instantly Eliminated Our Dog and Cat Urine Odor While Helping Our Planet

dog trash stink

If they say dogs are man’s best friend, then why is their urine smell part of that contract? I mean, I love my sister, but love her more when her “furbaby” puppies are at the park with her son. It’s reciprocal, however, because she can’t stand the lingering litterbox odor my cats leave for her visits. And she is very vocal about it.

So, after months of odor talk, we decided to take a stand. Together, we would find a way to make both our homes an inviting, odor-free destination for everyone.

Establishing Ground Zero

First, we had to find the root cause of the problem. If we’ve learned anything from animal biology, it is the fact that every motive has a reason. So, we were not surprised to discover that dogs mark their territory as a result of pride and ownership. What we did find fascinating, however, is that it also represents the reproductive status of the dog or cat and their ranking. Thus, non-neutered male dogs and cats tend to be the biggest culprits of showing off their urination habits. Yay. Fun for us.

Removing Harsh Chemicals from The Equation

Upon first sniff, animal odors are so strong, it’s like a punch in the gut. If you’re like my sister and I, you are probably thinking to fight fire with fire with chemical warfare. But, after countless hours of elbow grease with these Bugs Bunny-like Acme products (on my once-plush carpet) we are hit again with a stubborn stench that just won’t go away. We were not eliminating the odor, we were temporarily covering it up, and using harmful chemicals in the process.

Thus, we made a pact that toxic chemicals were definitely not part of our solution.

rainbow unicorns

Enter Rainbows and Unicorns

After much Googling and Pinging and Yahooing (believe me, there were no “Yahoos” at the beginning) we stumbled upon a pet grooming show only to find a product that was more than what we had hoped for: An all-natural, instant and permanent pet odor eliminator. Feel free to hear the angels singing right now.

I’m not kidding. It was FDA approved as non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe, recommended by veterinarians for use around all animals, easy-to-use spray… it was truly unbelievable.

Our new best friend? PX550 from Alpha Tech Pet. Check out this video:

Who Is This Masked Man?

Dr Shawn Seitz

Alpha Tech Pet Founder, Dr. Shawn Seitz, has spent a lifetime exposed to the same odors caused by pet urine. His desire to treat the problem in a safe and effective way led him to create PX550, an instant pet urine odor remover that solves our stink situation for good. By way of a natural chemical reaction known as redox, Seitz formula is able to break down the worst smells in the animal industry, as well as, the ones found in our humble homes.

The best part? This miracle spray is made from food-edible ingredients. PX550 is as safe to consume as it is safe to use in the presence of your family members and pets (100% of the ingredients are food-edible and listed by the FDA as being Generally Recognized as Safe: GRAS). Yet its potent combination of professional-grade elements makes it powerful enough to get rid of scents associated with urine, fecal debris, kennels, litter boxes, spoiled food, fish, and garbage cans.

There Is Nothing Like It

“We are quite proud of PX550.” Boasts Dr. Seitz, “It’s the perfect blend of safety and product effectiveness. And, it instantly and completely eliminates odors on contact by disassembling malodors at their source. It also easily eliminates any nitrogen-based odor, as well as, destroying MMB (3-mercapto-3-methylbutan-1-ol), one of the biggest odor-makers in cat urine.”

kitty litter odor

Cat urine, food odors, my husband’s gym bag, YES, my sister and I found ourselves using it for almost every smell in our house. And we even found her puppies were no longer re-marking, killing that cycle permanently.

Take it from us, the sooner you realize that pets have unique biological qualities that, unfortunately, have a tendency to mark their environments, the sooner you will reach for a bottle of PX550. And then, like my sister and I, you can change the conversation from odors in the house to who is going to rescue their next pet!

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