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Getting Rid of Pet Odors

Getting Rid of Pet Odors

Becoming a pet owner can significantly improve your life. Caring for pets, such as dogs or cats, keeps you fit, lowers your stress levels, and improves your immune system. 

But for you to enjoy the perks of being a pet owner, you should be responsible for cleaning up after your pet. Most pets pee and poop almost anywhere and neglecting to clean up after them can make your home prone to bacteria and germs and can leave nasty odors behind. 

Fortunately, cleaning up- and getting rid of pet odors- becomes easier when using the right product. 

Why Should You Use OdorPet Stain and Odor Remover Spray?

OdorPet Spray

Many pet odor remover products are available today, but nothing works as effectively as the OdorPet Spray (lavender or black cherry). Our product guarantees to permanently remove odors and stains from pet messes, which means that you don’t have to exert too much effort cleaning up after them.

Moreover, the OdorPet Spray uses a powerful bio-enzymatic and veterinarian-approved formula that works by breaking down stains and odor-causing compounds. The formula behind OdorPet Spray is also colorless and 100% safe!

Aside from being an effective pet odor and stain remover, OdorPet Spray is also a versatile product that can be used on many different surfaces. Do your pets love to pee on your carpet? Or poop on the upholstery of your furniture? Regardless of the surface, the OdorPet Spray will surely help.

Our OdorPet Spray uses a biodegradable formula that removes odors and stains from carpets, upholstery, metal, plastic, concrete, and even wood surfaces. The product can also remove blood, mucus and fat buildup from different surfaces.

And, who says that the OdorPet Spray is only great for removing odors and stains caused by pets? You can also use the product for removing tomato sauce and red wine from your carpets!

What Makes the OdorPet Spray Different?

Our OdorPet Spray is one of the best products to use for getting rid of pet odors and stains. Aside from the benefits mentioned above, the OdorPet Spray is different from other products available on the market today for the following reasons:

  • Comes with a non-bleaching or non-staining formula
  • Contains bioactive formulation that provides immediate, intermediate, and long-term action and results
  • Is neutral pH safe, which means that it’s safe for pets and kids
  • Removes pet dander allergens from any surface and
  • Uses a solution that captures odors and permanently eliminates them

Our OdorPet Spray also provides the best bang for your buck because you don’t have to use a lot of the product to see results. You just need to use two ounces of diluted solution to break down one gallon of urine!

Pick Wisely

living with pets

Cleaning up after our pets is one of the most important responsibilities we have as pet owners. Leaving our pet’s pee and poop on surfaces, even the residue, will make our environment unsanitary and can eventually take a toll on our health. This is especially true if we’re fond of keeping our pets indoors. 

You won’t have any problems cleaning up after your pets once you use our OdorPet Spray. This product can permanently eliminate odors and stains, making it easier for you to clean up after your pets regardless of how many you have!

Don’t forget to check out our OdorPet Spray and find out for yourself why this product is definitely one of the best on the market today!
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