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Best Enzyme Cleaner for Dog Urine

Best Enzyme Cleaner for Dog Urine

Our dogs can bring us indescribable joy, like when they get too excited once we’re back home. However, they can also give us stress, especially when dog urine is scattered all over the floor or carpet. No matter how well trained our pets are, accidents are inevitable. 

So, instead of taking too much time cleaning, we should be smart enough to have the best enzyme cleaner to help maintain our home. Keep scrolling to learn more about enzyme cleaners and how you can choose the best enzyme cleaner for dog urine.

What Are Enzyme Cleaners?

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To see how enzyme cleaners make your life easier as a pet parent, you should first know what it is. Enzyme cleaners refer to products that utilize enzymes in their formulas to break down dog and cat stains. These enzymes help digest organic matter, making them suitable for eliminating stains and odors from cat and dog urine.

Each type of enzyme breaks down a specific kind of stain. For instance, lipase addresses fats or oil-based stains. Protease breaks down protein-based stains. Lastly, amylase works on carbohydrates.

How Do Enzyme Cleaners Help With Dog Urine?

You may still be wondering how enzyme cleaners can benefit you as pet parents. These enzyme cleaners help resolve dog urine problems, especially on carpeted floors. While we can train our fur babies to do their business on the right spot, we can’t expect them to always do the same.

Given that cats and dogs are habitual beings, they can easily turn one spot into a bathroom. And since they’re familiar with the scent, they may keep peeing on the wrong spot. As enzyme cleaners break down both stains and odors, they don’t just simply cover the smell — they completely get rid of it. As an additional bonus, these cleaners also eliminate stains from soil and mud on your carpet and floor.

Every enzymatic cleaner may have different instructions. Generally, you have to rub or dry the spot, so it’s best to prepare some quality cloth while cleaning.

Choosing the Best Enzyme Cleaner

PX550 pet odor remover

The best enzyme cleaner for dog urine should successfully remove stains and odors in no time without any hassle. OdorPet’s dog urine odor remover gives you exactly what you need. It allows you to immediately and permanently remove all odors from dog urine, litter boxes, spoiled food, and garbage cans, among other things.

You won’t have to worry about your pet’s safety because it’s non-toxic, unscented, biorenewable, and made of edible ingredients. So, even if you spray it in your mouth, you’re safe — though we don’t recommend trying that! With OdorPet’s PX550 pet urine odor remover, odors instantly go away. You just have to spray, and it will take care of the stinky smell for you. Even when you spray on other items, like shoes and gym bags, PX550 pet urine odor remover will also do the trick.

Enzyme Cleaners: The Answer to Your Pet Urine Problems

As pet parents, we should know that accidents are unavoidable. So, instead of getting stressed out with pet stains and odors, we should equip ourselves with the right tool. Visit our page now to order the best enzyme cleaner for dog urine!
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