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4 Signs That You’ve Found the Perfect Pet Laundry Detergent

4 Signs That You’ve Found the Perfect Pet Laundry Detergent

Your furry friends will definitely leave a mark on your heart… but you don’t have to let them leave a smelly mark on your home. You need the perfect pet laundry detergent to keep the washable fabrics in your home clean and fragrant.

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Your dogs and cats are cute, but the mess they create every day may not be as adorable. It’s normal for them to cause unsightly stains and unpleasant odors on their bedding and towels when they do a Number 1 or Number 2. Getting rid of this is what’s important.

Continue reading to discover the four signs of a great pet stain laundry detergent if you want a cleaning product that will maintain the freshness of the textiles and garments your pets are exposed to.

4 Signs of The Ideal Pet Laundry Detergent

1. Powerful

The unattractive spots and stinky smells that your pets leave behind on fabrics can be tough to remove. Using a gentle detergent may not be enough to get rid of them.

You need to use a powerful pet stain laundry detergent while washing the towels and bedding of your dogs and cats. If you wish to successfully remove pet stains and odor, choose a product that is more potent in comparison to ordinary detergents. 

2. Environmentally Friendly

Some ingredients of cleaning products are harmful to the environment. If a detergent is toxic to the environment, it may also potentially be dangerous to the well-being of your cats and dogs.

Make sure that you select a pet laundry detergent that meets the green standards of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Eco-friendly detergents can help protect Mother Nature, as well as the health of your four-legged companions.

3. Safe and Non-Toxic

The strong ingredients of some laundry detergents may possibly cause irritation to your pets. Your kitties or doggies may be especially affected in case they are prone to allergies.

You must avoid detergents that contain chlorine, bleach, petroleum distillates, diethanolamine, and nonylphenol ethoxylate (NPE). Instead, you should go for a pet stain laundry detergent that is non-toxic for the sake of your pets’ health.

4. Cost-Effective

Pet laundry expenses may cause a dent in your wallet since you regularly need to wash the fabrics your pets are exposed to.

When purchasing a pet laundry detergent, don’t just get the cheapest product. You should also consider if it is cost-efficient in terms of how much detergent you need to use per washing load.

Choose LaundraPet Industrial Strength Pet Laundry Detergent for Your Pet Laundry Needs


You may be curious to know if there is a cleaning product that meets the high standards of the perfect laundry detergent for your pets. The answer is “Yes!”

LaundraPet Industrial Strength Pet Laundry Detergent has all four signs of the perfect pet stain laundry detergent.

This triple-strength green laundry detergent is powerful enough to effectively get rid of stubborn stains and stinky smells.

The biodegradable and friendly product is created from the purest cleaning ingredients. It successfully meets the EPA green standards so it is safe for the environment and for the health of your furry friends.

This cost-effective laundry detergent is easy on the wallet, as well. You only need to use one ounce per load for high-efficiency washing machines and two ounces for regular ones. You can potentially use one bottle for up to 96 laundry batches.

You can order the LaundraPet Industrial Strength Pet Laundry Detergent from the OdorPet website today. Send us a message if you have questions about our pet laundry stain detergent and other quality products.

For questions and more information email or call Karen Wells at (1-800-222-5537).

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