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OdorPet stain and odor eliminators are scientifically engineered, and veterinarian approved. Guaranteed to be the safest products for the harshest conditions where the toughest stains and odors thrive- animal hospitals and kennels.

Ya, they’re good enough for your home!


I wish I could have rated OdorPet an 11! One application and the smell was gone. This is THE BEST product on the market.

Janice, Cat Lover

Free shipping on orders over $75

Scientifically created for the harshest situations. Ya, OdorPet will work in your home!

We run a big, smelly business. I washed our pet bedding and towels with LaudraPet and did the smell test: I was shocked. NO SMELL!!! Not even a hint of leftover stench. LaundraPet is wonderful!

Pawz & Clawz

Our kennel boards close to 200 dogs so we need a highly effective and versatile cleaning solution. OdorPet is just that. We use OdorPet as opposed to other cleaning products because it is safe for animals without harsh chemical smell. Thank you for providing the best stain and odor remover. Our customers thank you, as well!

Red Dog Inn and Resort

My groomers love PetSuds shampoo! The suds are amazing, it cleans well and rinses so easily. The dogs love it and so do we! It's the only shampoo we will ever use

Lake Farm Boarding Kennels

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